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Wrought-iron balls and spheres are additional elements that give character and further details to each iron structure, adding roundness and softness to the shape of a gate or a rail.

Lecky’s wrought-iron decorative spheres can change both from the point of view of the working process, especially the aesthetic aspect of the metal, and the shape, from smooth to multifaceted ones.

The vast offer of Lecky, regarding wrought-iron spheres and hemispheres, is divided into two categories: full and empty. Excluding the empty hemisphere, full spheres can be realized with both the classic shape and the multifaceted effect, to give the exact desired characteristics to each metal structure. There are also wrought-iron decorative spheres with two flat surfaces.

All our wrought-iron spheres are available in a wide range of dimensions in order to adapt to every kind of need. If you don’t find the type of sphere that you are looking for, our expert artisans are at your disposal to realize original elements, made especially for you, that can be installed in your own wrought-iron project.

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