Wrought-iron rosettes represent the focal point where people’s eyes linger, classifying them as one of the most important elements of every metal creation. On the top of a gate or as decorative elements for bars, rails or balustrades, the variety of our wrought-iron rosettes makes them ideal for every kind of work, from the simplest to the most complex ones. 

All our wrought-iron rosettes for rails and gates are designed and created to satisfy the needs that customers expect from a central element as the rosette. The complexity of each rosette doesn’t only come from shapes that can represent different artistic styles as baroque, but also from design that is given to metal: smooth and polished for a more essential look or embossed and decorated to enhance the artistic complexity of shapes through the addition of precious details.

The quality of raw materials is only one of the factors that contribute to making Lecky’s creations exceptional: high-quality artisan working processes and the expertise of our artisans give rise to artistic creations of unique and priceless value. Moreover, it is possible to order customized wrought-iron rosettes based on your original drawings, to have exactly the desired element.

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