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Wrought-iron scrolls are decorative elements for a great variety of creations: from metal bars to rails, from wrought-iron stairs to gates. The addition of wrought-iron scrolls for rails, gates, balustrades and other structures allows you to make the look of a facade or a gate unique, defining the aesthetic and architectural style of the entire structure that has to be decorated.

With wrought-iron scrolls produced by Lecky, you are sure to install high-grade elements thanks to the high quality of materials, the production techniques and the expertise of our specialized artisans. All our wrought-iron scrolls are realized in an artisan way, making each scroll a unique and original element, a little work of art that contributes to making gates and bars exceptional.

Moreover, Lecky makes the production of wrought-iron scrolls and elements for rails on request possible, starting from original drawings and projects in order to create customized accessories that can be installed in every creation to achieve the desired look.

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