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Wrought-iron bushes are elements that add movement and character to every rail or gate. Our bushes for gates can be created according to the type of gate or rail: the decisive factor is the type of profile, that can be circular or square and it is determined by the profile of the baluster where the bush will be fixed.

Iron bushes for gates and fences can be made in different ways in order to better adapt to the aesthetic aspect of the building and the gate. The aesthetic of each bush can be completely smooth or have facets and decorations of various types, such as geometric or floral patterns. The external shape can change from rounded to square shapes, without forgetting the bush with many facets that recall polygonal shapes.  

All wrought-iron bushes are realized by our expert artisans who shape metal following the traditional hot forging techniques to create a high-quality product with undeniable artistic characteristics.

Lecky produces on its own each element: if you don’t find what you are looking for in our catalogue, contact us! Our experts are at your disposal to discuss together your project and create customized components and elements such as the bushes for your gate.  

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