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The gate, as well as the fence that protects your house, are the first elements that people’s eyes note: make sure that also these elements represent you and your taste with the production of Lecky’s sheet metal gates and fences with laser cutting!   

Laser cutting allows us to create designs of all kinds: floral, geometric, abstract patterns… this is possible thanks to the expertise of Lecky’s artisans and the careful and precise design of each piece. All modern and classic gates with laser cutting are realized with high-quality materials and procedures are performed with cutting-edge machines, extremely precise and able to create every kind of drawing on metal sheet.

Metal sheet gates realized with laser cutting, in addition to having complex decorations with full and empty spaces that create fascinating see-through effects, can have every shape or dimension you wish: from modern gates realized with laser cutting with sharp and square lines, to classic gates with attractive curves and soft lines that perfectly combine with the style of your house or structure, it doesn’t matter if it is for vehicles or pedestrians.

Metal sheet fences realized with laser cutting have the same style: the decorations on the gates can be replicated on the entire surface of the fence, creating an effect of continuity and harmony with the lines: so, make room for fantasy and design to create a gate and a fence able to communicate with the aesthetic of the building that they will protect.

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