Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is one of the most versatile and reliable materials, in Lecky’s catalogue there is a wide range of artisan and high-quality stainless-steel gates, rails and fences.

Moreover, Lecky offers a wide selection of stainless-steel components as columns and connectors to complete the look of your gate or fence and creates supporting and fixing elements of every shape and dimension to produce secure and reliable installations.

Stainless-steel and aluminium rails produced by Lecky, for example, can be easily used to create every kind of fence regardless of what type of columns are installed, whether made of stainless steel, bricks or wood. They are ideal to create balustrades or fences, of every shape, also with the opportunity to install glass panels blocked by specific stainless-steel components for an extremely modern and minimal look.

Curves and shapes are not a problem thanks to our stainless-steel connectors that can be integrated to realize the desired rail or fence, which can be decorated with a wide range of sophisticated stainless-steel components, in order to define the modern or classic look of the final product in a very precise way.  

Lecky’s stainless-steel components are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest solidity and reliability. Browse our catalogue and read all technical information about our stainless-steel columns and rails, contact us to find the most suitable products for your project.   

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