What are the delivery times?

We ship by express courier. It usually takes 1 to 5 business days.

Do you supply customized material?

Yes, we produce many custom-made products such as: electro-upset balusters, forged bars, hot-pierced bars, scrolls, circles etc etc. and laser-cut sheets according to design.
See the "customized products" section

Is the material/your products weldable?

Yes, all products in steel are weldable, with the exception of the cast iron material

Is there a minimum purchase amount or a minimum purchase quantity?

No, no minimum purchase quantity or value

Can I receive a catalog?

For sending the catalog only, we can ship by courier at a cost of € 12.
Alternatively, when you place the first order we can add it in free of charge.

How can I know the installers in my area?

Feel free to contact us by email to info.it@leckymetal.com to request information on the nearest installer!

Can I come and collect the material?

Yes, upon order confirmation and by appointment

Do you have bars longer than 3m?

No. For transport reasons we cannot fit on truck products longer than 3mts.

What do I do if I receive a damaged package?

If a package arrives damaged please sign the delivery documents with RESERVE, write down precisely the issue and contact us promptly

Do you have stainless steel certifications / data sheets?

Contact us by email at info.it@leckymetal.com and we will provide you with the necessary feedback

Do you provide painting service?

No, we have raw / sandblasted and some home deco painted products (see “CP” indications in the ID code)

Are the stock availabilities on the website correct?

Yes, the website is updated regularly; if the product is available you can buy it and receive it on standard terms as above.

Can I return a product that I am not satisfied with?

Yes, the return is possible.
- for compliant material: within 14 days with shipping costs to be paid by the buyer
- for non-compliant material: contact us through the contact form

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